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PEI Living Magazine captures the unique spirit of the Island and grabs the attention of this vibrant community.

Every quarter we showcase what’s hot, what’s on and who’s who with a dynamic blend of inspirational articles, lifestyle features, fashion, events and business news. It’s the place to be seen, to build reputation, launch a new enterprise and keep the Island in the loop.

The bottom line is—people still love magazines—and continue to seek them out. But, the industry needed to evolve to succeed. Producing a high-quality magazine with the advertorial format distributed free to the consumer is a proven business model.

Customers prefer to do business with people they know and trust.

PEI Living Magazine offers a unique and innovative approach to targeting your market.

It’s often difficult for businesses to reach the local affluent consumer with typical media. Local radio has been replaced with membership-based music providers and newsprint has suffered a steady decrease in readership.

With the decline of local news providers, educated readers are turning to local magazines for information about their community. In addition, the high cover price for national magazine brands has increased the viability of professionally produced magazines delivered free to the consumer at a local level.

PEI Living Magazine is produced with the input of a small team of local people who love what they create. We sourced the best professional photographers, writers and market contributors to ensure each issue celebrates and supports the local economy.

Our readers are your customers


The ADVERTORIAL format is what makes our publications unique in the market!

Advertorial-style marketing is simply letting you tell the story of your business or service in an engaging and personalized format. The combination of ADVERTISING and EDITORIAL (ADVER-TORIAL) means your marketing is received as a soft-sell message that has been proven to be six-times more effective than traditional display advertising.

The ADVERTORIAL format includes engaging copy and images that invite the reader to explore your business or product in a highly personal way; it’s like giving thousands of readers a personal tour of your business or service.

With professional photography* and writing included, cutting-edge layout and design included in your cost; your ADVERTORIAL will deliver a positive message.
*2-page includes one hour - one location, additional photo shoots or locations - $125/hr   •  one-page advertorial includes 30 minute shoot

Tracey Warren   902.626.5148



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